Zach Pascal’s confusion caused four errors of judgment

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4th and 10th place of his 37th side faces 50 seconds before the opening game of the Super Wild card on Saturday, Colts Quarterback Philip Rivers I found the receiver Zach Pascal for the first time. When Pascal came down to hunt, got up and tried to run, things got interesting.

What happened next triggered four different mistakes by the NFL leadership job.

First, when Pascal (without touching it) tried to push the ball forward, he missed it. The buffalo recovered, and he put it on its knees away from victory, because the ponies had no timeouts. Officials missed that Pascal rose before faltering and ruled Pascal to call.

Second, the NFL’s internal review function failed to realize the play needed revision, forcing the bills to take a time out and hoping that Riveron’s executive vice president understood that the play should be revised and should be revoked.

Third, the referee should have been canceled on the field, but not overturned. How did he turn? It is evident and evident that Pascal was not touched before he got up, and it was evident and evident that the ball went out before it was handled again, and it is clear and obvious that Biles regained the stumble.

Fourth, the final interpretation of Brad Allen’s judgment – that bills will not be charged due to the time limit because the replay review was activated by the league office – is simply incorrect. The humor of the league office talks to Allen. Allen knew if he had been contacted by the league before the bill called a deadline.

The first three mistakes hurt bills. Fourth assisted them, allowing them to call a timeout later when they didn’t like the look they were getting from the colts at a second and 11 with 14 seconds remaining.

The department in charge of the NFL has already made an explanation that conveys the magic words but does not offer a true explanation:[T]The referee on the court that the runner fell by contact. There was no clear visual evidence to reverse the judgment, This is how it stands. “

With all due respect, this is not true. And if the Colts’ team succeeds in winning the match, the League Office will deal with the wrath of Buffalo fans for weeks if not months if not for years to come.

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