The Los Angeles Rams makes a backup of “Confident” QB John Wolford before the start of Week 17

Thousand Oaks, CA – If things go as planned against the Arizona Cardinals, back up the quarterback John Wolford He will drive the Los Angeles Rams to the extension dock.

As an added bonus, Wolford likely won’t have to listen to head coach Sean McVeigh and his colleagues mispronouncing his name anymore, and he will be able to delete the LinkedIn account that chronicled his previous career in finance.

“I know I can manage it, I know I can take shots, and then mentally, it’s about making the right decisions to give us the best chance of winning,” said Wolford on Wednesday. “I’m sure to go to this week.”

Wolford will make his NFL debut in the absence of the midfielder Jared Goff, Who underwent thumb surgery in his hand on Monday and will be out of action for at least a week.

To grab a playoff spot, Rams (9-6) must win on SoFi against the Cardinals (8-7), or the Chicago Bears (8-7) must lose at home to the Green Bay Packers (12-3), who play with Best overall rated in NFC.

“It’s something you’ve kind of been dreaming about in your entire life,” said Wolford, about starting the first NFL Football League with a tipping point on the line. “But I won’t be busy at this moment.”

During a 15-minute video conference with reporters on Wednesday, Wolford appeared calm and answered questions candidly. He admitted he was sleeping less than usual the night he found out he was going to start, but said he has since settled into the routine.

He did clear up some confusion about how to pronounce his last name – it’s “Wole-Ford,” although he did say he doesn’t get upset when it’s mispronounced, something McVay did throughout his two-year tenure with the team. For the LinkedIn account he set up as a freshman at Wake Forest when an NFL career seemed improbable and he was planning to get into finance, his career was updated this week to read, “Los Angeles Rams Midfielder.”

“If all goes well on Sunday, I might delete it,” said Wolford.

McVeigh, the recipient Robert Woods And defensive coordinator Brandon Staley – whose unit faces Wolford when he runs the scouting team – expressed confidence that the inexperienced QB would be able to lead them to victory on Sunday.

“John Wolford is fully respected by our entire team, the coaches and the players, for his performance on the field, in meetings and in the weightlifting room,” said Staley. “I think that’s rare when you can command the respect of your teammates without actually playing in an NFL match.”

When asked about which skill sets he possesses which may be different from those of Goff, Wolford – listed at 6 feet, 1, and 200 pounds – indicated his speed and agility.

“I don’t want to knock down Jared’s sports, he is a great athlete, he’s the midfielder in the NFL,” said Wolford, “but I think I’m a little faster than him and I can play some with my legs.”

“I think John has a bunch of skills that would be fun to watch him carry out our insult and how things come to life differently,” said McVeigh. “Every player has creativity in their game, but I think they will do a good job distributing and making good decisions.”

The rams did not train on Wednesday but instead walked.

“Great communication, great leadership for what we’re trying to accomplish,” said McVeigh of Wolford attending the rehearsal. “Great understanding and ownership of the initial parts of the game plan.”

Practices are set to resume Thursday and Friday as Ramees prepares to enter Sunday’s match without both leading contestant Daryl Henderson who has been placed in the injured reserve, and future Cooper Cobb, who has been moved to the Reserve / COVID-19 list this week.

Woods said that Wolford, who turned 25 in October, does not lack confidence and is known to be among the last players to leave the training field daily after he meets the requests of recipients who want to throw some extra balls in their way. But even Woods isn’t quite sure what to expect in a match from Wolford, who went sans weaves in 2018 and signed with Rams’ coaching team last season after throwing 14 league relegations into the folded America of Alliance since then. football League.

“I’ve never seen him in the NFL, or a live match, I saw him a few seasons ago, and I saw his featured tape on YouTube,” Woods said. “He checked him to see what he could do, but in fact he just got out of here expecting John to do plays.”

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