Bucks broke an NBA record in a single match with 29 three-pointers in a dominant win over the Heat

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The Milwaukee Bucks Totally bombed Miami Heat Tuesday in the rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals last season, breaking the record for most 3-pointers scored by a team in a single match by 29. He took over the rematch of the new season with a dominant victory 144-97.

The same record was broken with just over six minutes remaining in the match. Selection of Milwaukee in the second round, Sam MerrillHe brought the ball onto the field and decided to shoot from the left corner of the arc to make the team the 28th pointer.

In addition to breaking that record for the team, which he previously held Houston RocketsBucks also set a new record for the most players with a 3-pointer made with 12. Ironically, the only person who did not drop a tricycle during Tuesday’s win was the ruling MVP, Giannis Antitecmonmo – Although it wasn’t because of a lack of trying because he missed his attempt behind the arc. Jrue holiday He led all of his team mates with six three-pointers.

For fun, here are all the guys who made three for Milwaukee on Tuesdays: Holiday, Merrill, Chris MiddletonAnd the Brooke LopezAnd the Donti DefensenzoAnd the Bobby PortiesDJ Wilson, Thanassis AntitecmonmoAnd the Jordan NooraAnd the Pat ConnaughtonAnd DJ Augustin Brian Forbes.

If The Heat finds themselves angry or particularly embarrassed at the type of performance that caused the Bucks to completely kick their teeth, they won’t have to wait long to try to get revenge. Miami faces Milwaukee again tomorrow night.

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