Bridgerton Season Two: Is Netflix Drama Renewed?

Far from it being swept away by Lady Wesleydon, but Season Two of Bridgerton It appears to be prof Completed.

TVLine has learned that production for Shonda Rhimes’ Drama The fertile period could begin in March 2021, despite the fact that Netflix has not officially delivered the series yet. Notably, a representative declined to comment.

BridgertonThe inaugural season of eight episodes launched on Christmas Day. By Saturday, the 10 best-watched movies and series flew on Netflix. It’s currently holding its steady second, just behind George Clooney’s space photo Midnight sky.

Based on Julia Quinn’s accounts, Bridgerton Followed by nineteenth-century heroine Daphne (youngerPhoebe Denifor), the eldest daughter of the powerful Bridgerton family, is looking for a husband in Regency London. All the time, Daphne and her would-be suitors live under the comprehensive scrutiny of Lady Wesleydon (Julie Andrews). Daphne finally meets her match on bad boy and celibate issues with Duke Hastings’ dad (For the peopleReggie Jean Page). The two pretend not to pay attention to each other, but sparks soon fly.

Chris Van Dawson serves as Model / EP.

TVLine readers alone rated Episode 1 an average “A-” (Read our summary); Rate the entire season below, if you’ve already overdone everything.

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